In-person & Online Gatherings

We love to gather as a community! In this hybrid-world we live in, JLC desires to take full advantage of the avenues of meeting from in-person to online gatherings.  We fully believe that what happens around the table is just as important if not more important than the corporate gatherings we have in an auditorium.  All ages, all people gathering, engaging and growing in LIFE (Jesus) and with each other… together.  

Coming this fall


 If Jesus wasn’t reclining at someone’s table, he made a “table space” where ever he went. Each person who sat at the table with Jesus was valued, impacted and influenced by Him. We are coming back to the table. 

Table is defined as a place to gather for a meal, a conversation, a meeting, a place where you have a seat and a voice.  As a family, as friends, as men or women or teens or children.  A place for all. 

Be it a time for fellowship, worship, breaking of bread, counsel, prayer or discipleship.  It may be at a table, or on the side of a mountain or at a local coffee shop or going out for a walk.  It could be retail therapy or exercising groups at the gym. A phone call, Zoom, in person, in homes or in places of large gatherings.  

Come to the table...

For those who live in the Flixton Area and beyond, we are hosting a free evening meal for up to 100 people.  

Sunday, 17th Oct 2021, 6pm at

The John Alker's club, Flixton

You will need to book your seat(s). Please email  with “Come to the Table” in the subject line, your full name and first names of each person coming along with you.  in return, we will send a confirmation email to you. 

The Great Outdoors

JLC Walking group dates

If you would like to get signed up, please email us with your contact details and someone will get in touch! 

Gathering for a walk outdoors is always full of fresh air, building friendships and most of all challenges.  Regardless of the weather (unless it is dangerous), this is something not to miss! For all ages… bring a friend along! Contact person: Gary Sutton.

Saturday, 23 October 21


Getting away from the humdrum of life to spend time with our Family is a key essential to rest and renewal here at Journey Life.  

Below are highlights from our 1st JLC FAM CAMP from this past August 21.